• Feature-productivity

    Drive Productivity

    Leverage Lean Construction principles to help your teams better plan, track and analyse work on large construction projects. Achieve unmatched visibility across all planned and unplanned work. Major projects using Envision have seen productivity increases of up to 30% and schedule reductions of up to 50%

  • Feature-costs

    Streamline Back Office

    Save time and effort by capturing, reporting and analysing project data using a single source of truth that draws on real-time field insights. Strengthen decision-making with automated and on-demand reporting, including daily site diaries, progress and productivity reports, and achieve massive savings on administration costs.

  • Feature-revenue

    Increase Revenue

    Realise substantial return on investment with robust data that strengthens entitlement preservation and claim management. Improve management of project scope and commercial changes, reduce project costs and minimise disputes. Clients including Leighton Contractors, Thiess and McConnell Dowell have reported significant, measurable gains.