Envision launches next phase of civil features

Ennova continues to invest in developing Envision so it meets the specific demands of civil infrastructure projects. Our team has made significant progress to date, with more in the pipeline.

New live features

Since December 2014, we have released new features including:

  • Resource rates
  • Value-based s-curves charts
  • Quantity progress
  • Daily cost and productivity charts
  • Time-distance (March) charts
  • Mobile forms (dockets).

Flexible mobile forms framework to provide future support for workflows such as safety observations, punch listing and defects management, quality checklists, and progress logs

Resource rates

Envision now allows dollar rates to be specified for people, equipment and materials. This allows actual costs based on resources used to be calculated and reported.


Value($)-based S-curves

Envision now allows value-based s-curves to be created and added to both dashboards and reports. These charts can be filtered using discipline, location and work category.


Daily quantity entry and costing/productivity charts

Envision now allows costing charts to be created using daily quantity progress entries. Quantity progress defines percentage complete for an activity based on the budget.


Time-Distance (March) charts

For linear projects (roads, rails, pipeline) March charts can now be plotted to show discipline-based progress versus chainage over time.


Mobile forms (dockets)

Mobile forms replace physical paper dockets using a flexible mobile forms framework to provide future support for workflows such as safety observations, punch listing and defects management, quality checklists, and progress logs.

docket-form-1 docket-form-2

Upcoming features

We have more advancements in the pipeline for release in the coming months including an exciting BIM integration with iConstruct – working closely with PDC (iConstruct) and with Leighton Contractors as a launch customer. This will save significant effort in the handover of engineering data to construction teams and save significant time in preparing Envision for progress measurements of detailed engineering items. It will also pave the way for viewing Events against the model. These are major advancements for resources and civil infrastructure clients as well as for complex building projects. Key areas of focus include:

  • Populating tagged items and their associated metadata, such as quantity, hours and description, from iConstruct’s BIM into Envision’s tagged item registers
  • Automatically updating iConstruct’s BIM progress status using progress stored in Envision against modelled tagged items
  • Automatically updating progress in Envision using BIM workflows in iConstruct

We are doing extensive work on our earned value engine to ensure naming conventions match Australian Standards, to improve baseline management, and to add the late baseline curve. Client and industry feedback shows that displaying the early and late baseline envelope is an important feature for managing larger projects.

We are also creating a function to allow resource use to be booked against multiple units of measure and to set rates at those levels. For example, this will enable the application of daily allowances, mobilisation fees for plant and hourly or daily labour payments. This will better support complex subcontracts and EBA agreements in particular.

Ongoing improvements to the resource use editor continues to be a key focus area. This is intended to replace the current list view time entry screen. Improvements will include:

  • Enabling it to act as the primary screen for resource use approval workflows
  • Displaying derived cost codes, dollar rates and cost against a resource use
  • Improving the filtering of resources and providing quick access links from the Envision homepage for faster access

For more information, please contact our team today on Email Us or phone +61 (0)7 3369 0038.

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