Envision’s technology innovation drives performance on QCLNG

Envision was used daily, across the majority of the Queensland Curtis LNG (QCLNG) project, as the single source of truth for making key decisions that affected project delivery, including schedule and cost.

QCLNG is the world’s first project to turn gas from coal seams into liquefied natural gas (LNG) and is one of Australia’s largest capital infrastructure projects.

A significant volume of construction works have been delivered by Thiess, including all 17 field compression stations (FCSs) and four central processing plants (CPPs).

Envision was deployed by the Thiess team as the primary construction management platform supporting 11 central and northern FCSs and three CPPs.

It helped the team tackle an ambitious delivery schedule, large geographic separation across a field the size of the United Kingdom (UK) and complex logistics.

Key achievements included:

  • Fast-tracking the improvement cycle by an estimated one to two months
  • Enabling labour productivity to be calculated for each facility and plotted against time, based on the effective project start date
  • Supporting a massive 30-40 per cent improvement in labour productivity
  • Showcasing relative improvement in construction time comparative across the 14 separate projects under management using Envision

Key success factors included:

  • Top-down/bottom-up team engagement – Envision was actively driven by the senior management team, supported by the willingness for the team in the field to make it part of their every day practice.
  • A central, consistent data repository – Envision became the central, single source of truth for data for all facilities, driving a central approach to measuring and managing the project and facilitating data presentation and reporting at a quality that could not otherwise be practically achieved
  • A unified decision-making tool – Envision’s unique ability to generate consistent and reliable reports across all facilities enabled real-time decisions based on trends in key performance measures, giving key project stakeholders visibility in reporting and insight into performance and the work being delivered
  • An instant information pipeline with unmatched forecasting capability – Envision eliminated information lag and reliance on other forms of documentation so leaders could understand the project’s performance, at a glance, at their convenience, without having to visit a site or wait for paper reports to come through
  • A foundation for healthy competition – Envision allowed collaboration across various disciplines
  • Live, anywhere, anytime oversight – Envision’s web-based, mobile interface meant that people could access data and reports from anywhere and the client could monitor the project from around the world.

Envision was implemented by a joint team of engineers from Thiess and Ennova, following a detailed implementation plan. To best address the sizeable project field and regions, a multi-pronged approach was used involving: – Two dedicated team members on-site in each of three regions to support the project controls team for the life of the project – In-house and remote strategic support to the central project controls team in the Brisbane project office – On-site, ‘live’ coaching via site walk-throughs with supervisors – Web-based support materials, ‘cheat sheets’ and other immediately-available resources.

Once deployed, the Thiess team played an active role in enhancing Envision to better address the needs of the project.

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