Envision is a proven platform offering benefits for clients, contractors and subcontractors. It enables companies to drive project delivery best-practice in a way previously not possible due to the limitations of disparate systems each holding part of an overall project delivery story. Envision brings schedules to life and enables accountability, transparency and discipline. Project leaders can monitor progress and productivity across every aspect of a project using practical trend graphs, enhanced by the ability to drill down into detail on demand.

Real-time visibility

Real-time visibility of your schedule, progress, change and costs using Envision’s easy mobile apps to capture the latest field information and feed directly into tailored dashboards and rich reports so site managers and leaders can see the health of their project anywhere, anytime.

  • Strengthen the efficiency of planning, allocating, coordinating and managing work
  • Gather rich, relevant, consistent data at the source to ensure progress and profitability
  • Boost productivity and safety performance with disciplined project delivery
  • Manage scope changes rapidly and substantiate claims effectively
  • Maximise resource use and minimise cycle times, idle time and delays
  • Develop more accurate performance measures and benchmark

Project-wide collaboration

Project-wide collaboration through a user-friendly system people want to use – from field teams to design and construct offices to project partners – encouraging greater discipline, enabling faster feedback and underpinning best-for-project decision-making.

  • Leverage features such as field reporting of progress, comments and photos to provide rich context
  • Enable collaboration and engagement across diverse disciplines, harnessing team expertise
  • Connect team members to ensure the right insight drives the best decisions
  • Empower teams with accurate, readily-available information anchored by the master program
  • Share project progress, costs, issues and learnings across your entire organisation
  • Improve transparency for all parties to improve project partner relationships

Multi-system integration

Multi-system integration with recognised finance, document management, planning, workforce, BIM and GIS platforms, so you can powerfully and easily link and update data, ensuring you are always working from the strongest single point of truth.

  • Create a single source of truth with granular, high-quality data in a unified system
  • Eliminate inefficient, disconnected electronic and paper-based processes
  • Integrate easily with existing, complementary systems with minimal IT involvement
  • Connect project data so teams are always working from the latest information
  • Ensure data is secure, backed-up and available for whole project
  • Create custom integrations with in-house systems using the Envision application programming interface (API)