Envision Product Overview

Envision is a web-based construction management tool that is purpose built to improve field productivity and reduce project administration effort. Lean Construction and WorkFace Planning. These principles have guided the development of Envision in terms of technology selection, feature implementation, workflow and interface design.

Envision can be configured to suit construction projects of any size or complexity and is built on state-of-the-art open-source technology. This provides a fully hosted platform that supports a range of features specifically designed for construction projects. Additionally, Envision provides an API for integrating 3rd Party enterprise applications and neutral file exchange for COTS integration.

Envision reduces field delays and helps focus resources on critical path activities. Furthermore, Envision enables near real-time visualisation of field progress and events allowing better reporting and project control. Envision improves project profitability and delivery outcomes for Owners, EPCM and Construction Contractors.

Construction management made simple

Construction projects are complex. To take a project from idea to reality requires a lot of effort – managing the project shouldn’t. Envision makes construction management easier, more transparent and more profitable by placing the right information at your fingertips.

We believe that data is best when captured at its source. Envision does this by providing mobile interfaces to allow people at the workface to add photos, videos and notes to the project. We believe that data is only useful when it’s available. Being a SaaS solution, Envision is always there, right when you need it. We believe that data is only the beginning – information is the key. Envision provides intuitive business intelligence, letting you get the most out of your project.

We have been working closely with our launch customers over the past year to build a radically simple construction management application that appeals to project managers and executives while maintaining its vision of helping the project team reach their full potential.

Envision makes life easier for project teams – whether by streamlining client-project communications using our one-click correspondence, or by tracking on-site labour using our sleek time tracking interface, or just staying up to date with the project with our rich schedule and event management. Envision also makes life easier for the companies that adopt it, providing seamless integration with many industry-standard software products and a rich interface for integration with any other systems used.

The best part: your project is only hours away from experiencing Envision. Customers can either benefit from our best-practices Envision setup or can fully customise their solution to suit their existing systems and project requirements.

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