Envision is the leading collaborative project delivery platform for design and construction projects in the infrastructure, energy and resources sectors. It enables real-time, site-based capture of project data through user-friendly work practices that drive disciplined team behaviours to deliver project excellence and value for clients, contractors and subcontractors.

Leveraging web-based and mobile technology, an entire project team can collaborate and share core project data around a project’s schedule, progress, change and costs. Disciplined use of Envision ensures high quality data that supports rapid decision-making as daily updates from the field and offices are readily available, feeding into reliable, real-time, automated and on-demand reporting. This transparency drives productivity and minimises waste, providing greater cost, time and reputation value for projects.

Reports drawn from Envision offer real-time accuracy compared to typical reports from finance and planning that are often weeks out of date due to reliance on paper-based inputs. Envision helps frontline project managers, engineers and supervisors collect data on site using mobile devices, reducing this lag. Envision’s data can feed directly into and out of recognised finance, document management, planning, workforce, BIM and GIS systems, making critical data available to all in real-time. It captures and shares progress and costs as they occur, highlighting a $50,000 problem as it happens rather than a $500,000 problem that started weeks earlier but was only identified in the monthly report.

  • Site records

    • Site diaries – capture individual diaries on mobile devices with tailored prompts – weather, visitors, operating plant, material movements, delays etc; capture observations on subcontractor labour and plant
    • Photo management – capture photos and comments directly in the field, linked to Activities, Tasks and Events, providing rich site records that are tagged, time-stamped and geolocated for future reference
    • Project timeline – view updates across an entire project with easy navigation to specific dates; search through a project’s history; capture and track resolution of design issues
    • Activities & Tasks – deploy planned work to the field; synchronise actual field dates with a project’s program or planning system; break down work into Tasks and link related Events
    • Events & notices – capture unplanned Events and share them immediately with project teams and clients/representatives; record resource impacts; generate commercial notices and other templated documents using print-ready, project-specific templates
    • Attendance – track sign-on/sign-off attendances using mobile devices; record scan locations and time using QR codes linked to workforce identification cards
    • Daily & weekly reports – create templated reports from an extensive library of data widgets; display labour, equipment, photos, site diaries and Activity/Event statuses
  • Progress capture

    • Quantity-based progress – capture installed quantities, remaining quantities and chainages on a daily basis or as bulk imports
    • Weighted milestone progress (rules of credit) – track progress for tagged items using gate-based rules of credit; track tags across multiple registers with different rules of credit for procurement, installation, commissioning etc
    • Production quantities – use a primary unit of measure (eg truck counts) to determine a secondary unit of measure (eg tonnes) to easily capture production quantities
    • BIM & GIS integration – capture and visualise progress
  • Time & cost capture

    • Workforce & staff timesheets – enter, submit, approve and reject time for people and equipment; share timesheets with clients for review and approval; validate timesheets against attendance
    • Electronic dockets (mobile/paperless) – create dockets on site using mobile devices; review, allocate, approve and reject dockets; enable subcontractors to prepare and submit dockets with email notifications for substantiation
    • Docket costings & allocations – capture paper dockets from existing sources and allocate usage of resources; calculate costs from rates tables for people, equipment and materials
    • Invoice reconciliations & accruals – reconcile subcontractor invoices against captured dockets by automatically linking invoice line items to uploads; generate accruals for cost trend analysis
    • Subcontractor self-service – enable subcontractors to download submitted dockets, providing a single source of truth for cost data and simplifying invoicing
  • Performance measurement

    • Progress & performance – filter, group and summarise progress and performance using standard measures of earned value (labour, quantity, cost) and performance measures such as Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI)
    • Labour, quantity & cost-based charts (eg s-curves) – create charts for period and cumulative (s-curve) values for labour, quantity and costs; include custom cost and progress sources and calculate performance metrics and rates
    • Cost analytics – interrogate cost and performance data, pivoting on any measure to quickly identify performance problems
    • Dashboards & reports – configure project-specific reports and dashboards with data widgets, charts and maps to help visualise project performance and highlight trends
    • Custom cost & progress sources – report on costs and progress from external systems such as finance, planning or progress claim data
    • Cost & progress snapshots – capture and compare progress and cost snapshots for progress claim analysis and reporting

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Report weekly

Dashboard labour metrics

Everyone, anywhere web and mobile access

Envision supports major mobile and web platforms and enables diverse work practices and collaboration from field teams to design and construction offices to clients to subcontractors. For field teams, Envision’s secure apps work online, or work offline and sync later – meaning there’s no ‘downtime’. Project teams benefit from proven, practical workflows and the ability to capture and access real-time information anywhere in the world.

Four primary applications drive Envision’s ‘everyone, anywhere’ accessibility:

  • Web browser app – this contains Envision’s complete catalogue of features and makes project data available to everyone, anywhere in real-time
  • iPhone and android apps – track Activities, Events and Tasks in the field; add progress notes; capture photos and comments; record field observations on the go; work offline and sync data when a network connection is available
  • Passport app – record attendances in the field using QR code-based scanning to capture start and finish times, locations and supervisors
  • Forms app – incorporate specialised forms such as dockets, checklists, pre-starts, timesheets, progress and more; link that data to your existing workflow or develop custom mobile forms dedicated to your business processes.


Data safety and reliability

Envision can be implemented independent of existing corporate systems with minimum involvement from corporate IT. Data can be readily exchanged with existing systems. It is a fully managed solution that guarantees high security and availability, total backup and disaster recovery and elastic scalability. With full control of access permissions, Envision offers the benefits of unprecedented collaboration and high security.

Read more about Envision’s technical specifications here