Technical specifications

Envision requires minimal IT involvement. Ennova offers comprehensive implementation support with experienced implementation engineers to ensure clients best leverage Envision’s many benefits. Core system requirements are detailed below. Please contact our team for further information.

Supported browsers

We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome for best performance. We also support the following browsers minimum versions:

Browser Minimum Version
Google – Chrome Latest
Mozilla – Firefox Latest
Microsoft – Internet Explorer 10
Apple – Safari 10

Supported mobile devices

We recommend using Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and Android mobile devices with the following operating system minimum versions:

Operating System Minimum Version
Apple – iOS 7.0
Google – Android 4.4

Network connectivity

We recommend using mobile network (3G, 4G, WiFi) within the field to allow effective data capture. Within the project office we recommend high-speed internet with the following minimum connectivity:

Connectivity Minimum
Download > 2 Mbps
Upload > 0.5 Mbps
Response time to client Envision instance < 500ms