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Drive better performance with Envision, the leading project delivery platform for infrastructure, energy and resources projects. Envision helps teams capture and use project data in real-time, rapidly detect and resolve issues, and streamline reporting cycles. It positions projects to deliver measurably greater efficiency, certainty and value for clients, contractors and subcontractors, simply configured to each project’s requirements.

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APLNG Collaborative Well Delivery

CPB Contractors

Envision has been the central source of project data since 2016 and was the force behind the creation of an electronic timesheet feature that eliminated thousands of handwritten dockets. The solution ultimately fast-tracked timesheet entry by five days, creating unmatched currency in project records.

QCLNG contracts

MPC Group

Envision has been the central project management system used by client, contractor and subcontractor on key QCLNG projects for more than two years. As the central point for delivery team collaboration, it has supported everything from daily diary creation to change management, driving open-book contracting.

QCLNG Surat North

CPB Contractors

Envision was the primary reference for project data and progress information since the project’s inception in 2015. On a daily basis, team members used Envision’s mobile and web platform to capture information, creating a real-time record of project data and improving reporting, forecasting and critical path visibility.


The greatest value is the electronic timesheet system. This takes a task that doesn’t require any planning away from the supervisor so they can really plan the day and deliver information to their teams that’s relevant and front-of-mind…not diluted by timesheets. That planning time is priceless.

Damian PercyProject Director, APLNG, CPB Contractors

Producing familiar reports in a trusted environment, that are reviewed, means there is
 no doubt around validity. Envision, through its rules of credit, [also] has a much more robust and defensible position on the progress you’ve earned, rather than basing it more on a rule of thumb.

Matt KillenControls & Finance Manager, QGC Surat North, CPB Contractors

It’s a lot easier for [construction managers, project managers and engineers] to see how well they are performing and whether they need to up their game. With Envision, as long as your data is current, you have a snapshot in seconds of where you sit as a project.

Brendan McGuckinCommercial Manager, MPC Group

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