Envision Mobile on iOS 7

Our 3 iOS applications have all been upgraded to support the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. With these version updates, a number of new features and existing issues have been fixed. The changes are summarised below:

Envision iPhone App

Intended for day-to-day updating of Activities, Events and Tasks. Enables offline working in areas of poor network coverage.

  • Improved sync with direct upload of images to minimise the risk of timeouts
  • Addition of Tasks (create, edit, update, comment)
  • Filter and sync by project, location and discipline
  • Optionally store images to photo reel for future reuse
  • Add/change owners for Activities, Events and Tasks
  • Improved colours and content layout

Envision Plus iPad App

Intended for access to the majority of web interface features. Relies on continuous network access.

  • Resolve issues uploading images
  • Improve toolbar and sign in form
  • Improve colours and styling

passport-listEnvision Passport App

Intended for capturing daily attendances by scanning QR codes for employees. Enables offline working in areas of poor network coverage.

  • Add a short (1.5 seconds) delay between scans
  • Play success/fail sounds and vibrate device when scanning codes
  • Play an alert sound when sync is complete
  • Hide flashlight icon on devices with no flash
  • Display dates on attendances screen when timestamp is not today
  • Improve colours and usability of sign in form
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