Measuring Productivity on the QCLNG Project

Late last year, in collaboration with Thiess and QGC, Ennova implemented Envision across 14 upstream compression facilities in Queensland – projects valued at around $2 billion. They all faced an ambitious delivery schedule, large geographic separation and complex logistics.

As the projects progressed, Envision focused the project team’s ability to measure and drive execution. Envision was used daily as the single-source-of-truth for making key decisions that affected project delivery, schedule and cost.

Fast facts

  • Peak workforce – 3,200 people
  • 5,000 planned Activities from a level 3 master program
  • 192,000 individual tagged items
  • 1,700 unplanned Events

The team collected more than 7,000 photographs linked to either Activities or Events, encouraging conversations including attracting more than 10,000 individual comments. Envision helped the team collaborate and share project information, building a collective brains trust that helped improve productivity.

qclng-productivityLabour productivity

With a large majority of labour time being captured within Envision, labour productivity could be calculated for each facility and plotted against time using the effective project start date.

With greater visibility around progress and real-time input directly from the field, the team was able to demonstrate an improvement in labour productivity of around 30% between the first and last facility.


Schedule compression

qclng-scheduleDetailed progress information collected from Activity and tagged item progress provided insight into the relative schedule performance of the 14 different construction projects.

Referred to as ‘racing curves’, the normalised schedules highlight the relative improvement in construction time with the more recent projects being completed in significantly shorter periods.





The benefits for Thiess and QGC are seen in testimonials like these:

“Envision has provided accurate, real-time reporting that has enabled fast and effective decision-making that has led to measurable improvements in efficiency and productivity which have led to cost and schedule benefits on our project.”
Joe Dujmovic – Thiess, Project Director QCLNG Upstream Main Works Project

“This is the greatest access we’ve had to real-time, accurate performance information to enable quality, value-adding decision-making.”
Grant Puttergill – QGC, Project Controls Manager QCLNG Upstream Main Works Project

In the coming months, we will develop a detailed QCLNG case study and publish that on our website.

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