Envision’s new streamlined mobile app

Envision is launching it’s new mobile app, merging features previously available across multiple apps in a central location, offering a simpler and more streamlined user experience.

The previous iOS and Android apps had slight variations that resulted in slightly different behaviour for users – an issue completely overcome through the new app.

Envision’s former main app and forms app are now combined in a single app, ensuring consistent behaviour regardless of whether an iOS or Android device is being used.


The new app will offer all previous functionality plus the addition of a recent project photos gallery and the ability to capture:

  • Supplier dockets
  • Progress for Activities
  • Defects
  • Incoming material receipts
  • HSE inspections
  • … and much more

It also allows the creation and deployment of custom mobile forms to better and faster support new project requirements.

The app’s new features will be a significant step forward as users can now complete more daily tasks on the go, freeing up more time for field-based supervision work including safety and quality management.

Approvals workflows have also improved with many of these new functions able to capture on-screen signatures and allow barcode scanning for identity verification.

Current users are being moved to the new app in a staged approach over the coming weeks with the help of Envision’s support team.

In the coming months, the existing passport app will also be merged with the new central app. Additional features, such as field data capture of subcontractor dockets, will also be deployed, creating a dynamic single mobile app for Envision’s user base.