Continual improvement sharpens performance

Several recently-released small enhancements to Envision have continued to improve its overall performance and in-field functionality, creating greater value for clients.

Performance improvements

Clients continue to push Envision’s capabilities, which our team welcomes as this creates more opportunities to improve workflows, filters, page loading and general usability.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-9-07-54-amDashboard charts

Data for dashboard charts is now being cached and refreshed nightly. A real-time refresh of a chart can be triggered by clicking the ‘Refresh’ link under the chart…redrawing it immediately using the latest data in Envision.

Resource filters

Many pages share a common set of filters that control how people, equipment and materials display. We have improved the performance of these filters to deliver faster page loading times for all pages sharing these filters.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-9-09-32-amWork and supervision rosters

Roster pages often hold a substantial amount of data – especially when there is a large number of resources being displayed. To improve stability over poorer network connections, we have reduced the number of weeks displayed and added date range and navigation tools.

Improvements to snapshots

The project snapshot captures point-in-time data about a project. This now includes actuals and we have also developed a generic analysis spreadsheet to help diagnose data quality issues. Please contact support for more information about accessing and using the spreadsheet.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-9-24-28-amAttendance reporting

Envision’s Passport app is gradually being replaced by the new Envision Forms app. To support the transition, attendance can now be completed using Envision Forms, with more improvements in the pipeline. In addition, displaying and reporting attendance data now features additional columns for comments relating to start and end attendances, creating more flexibility and insight around these data sets.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-9-26-29-amSafety reporting

Gathering and reporting safety metrics is now simpler using our new reporting widget. This can be embedded in templated reports to display key metrics over a monthly period. The widget generates a graphical ‘S’ that displays different colours depending on the safety incident count from the past month.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-9-26-44-amResource summaries

Activities and Events now provide resource summaries that include costs for the people, equipment and material usage booked to those work references. Rates need to be included to enable cost calculation.

Subcontractor access

Sharing information with clients and gathering data from subcontractors help create greater value from Envision and link more steps in the project delivery supply chain. Among our recent updates to Envision is the addition of a new role for subcontractors, giving those users basic abilities such as:

  • Entering time for people
  • Entering usage for equipment and materials
  • Managing work and supervision rosters
  • Adding comments and photos against Activities, Events and Tasks
  • Viewing the timeline and workboard
  • Entering Activity and tagged item progress

These functions are applied to work/resources within a subcontractor’s company, ensuring the right authority levels are in place.

Public API

Increasingly, clients are realising the value of integrating in-house systems with Envision. We have developed an API to better support these integrations. The API has a machine-readable JSON schema that describes what resources are available via the API, what their URLs are, how they are represented and what operations they support.

Full documentation of the API is available for any existing user at http://[client-name] An API key is required to use the API. This can be obtained by contacting support.

screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-10-08-44-amQuantity progress bulk import

For projects that record progress based on the quantity of materials installed/moved, our new import/export function will improve the speed of entry and update. The importer is used in conjunction with a new export feature and the updated file can be used to either replace existing entries or be appended to them.