New feature improves productivity insight

Small adjustments can make important improvements, is the learning behind Envision’s continued rollout of new features geared for civil infrastructure projects.

One of the latest is a simple method for monitoring production performance. Civil teams can now capture production quantities in one unit of measure (such as a truck load), and then convert that to a different production unit of measure (such as m3) (watch the video below).

A key discipline benefitting from this capability is bulk earthmoving, where plant-based tracking, using pre-set equipment profiles, is helping teams more easily monitor productivity.

Because civil teams can use plant types to drive calculations, they can tag progress down to an individual plant item. This is generating plant-by-plant productivities, in turn helping them manage cost performance with faster turnaround.

For production-driven operations, like bulk earthmoving, this micro-level productivity analysis is an important complement to Envision’s long-standing macro-level production monitoring.

The plant-by-plant analysis means teams can review everything from subcontractor performance to truck configuration to haul length, if using the right cost code setup.

Teams can also gain more dynamic insight from the cost analytics reports as they have more flexible analysis options for unit rates, production quantities and costs.

This new feature extends the advantages projects gain from Envision’s earned value and performance monitoring metrics, which have been key capabilities for many projects.

Equipment type record where production capacity factors are set

Recording loads on dockets for calculating production

Alternative areas where production amounts can be entered

Production analytics in action