Solutions geared to drive value

As the construction industry continues to deliver significant infrastructure and resources projects, under greater delivery pressures and stakeholder demands, Envision has been continually developing new advancements, behind the scenes, to help clients respond with greater efficiency.

Particularly in the last two years, our team has brought on line a range of new and extended features designed in collaboration with our clients to ensure our solutions add practical value.

Combining long-standing features, new features and industry-firsts, we are proud to provide field-based solutions that connect construction projects with the information they need to drive performance.

  • Daily diaries and reports – a standardised solution and central source for daily records, using fully integrated data to provide rapid access to a rolled-up view of project activities.
  • Photo management – a disciplined approach to project photos that turns them into readily usable assets for reports and other key project documents.
  • Events and notices – placing responsibility as close to the action as possible by enabling any team member to record events in real-time and set in motion a clear, defined workflow, best positioning projects to stay on track.
  • Program/schedule collaboration – the only construction platform that directly integrates programs, safely sharing them with entire project teams to dramatically increase information sources and opportunities to collaborate, re-prioritise and improve.
  • Progress measurement – enabling the daily tracking of progress across a wide range of inputs and metrics, giving quick visibility to support efficient and effective decision-making.
  • Timesheets/timecards – a digital solution that saves time and reduces input errors, while creating a powerful record of the quantum of resources booked against project activities.
  • Plant and equipment tracking – an easy way to track plant and equipment to minimise idle or poorly utilised plant, improve use and identify savings.
  • Attendance and competency – using existing hardware, paired with the Envision app, supervisors can scan in their crews from anywhere in the field, or create easy mobile kiosks.
  • Subcontractor dockets – an electronic solution that enables flexible mobile docket capture by subcontractors, with data immediately allocated to appropriate cost codes, improving accuracy and responsiveness, and delivering a win for all project parties.

In the coming months, we’ll be launching three new solutions on progress claim verification, daily cost and production, and earned value/performance management.

In the meantime, click here to browse our solutions including screenshots of key workflow stages.