Celebrating 250 projects

Envision would like to take a moment to say a huge thank you to our clients who over the last 8 years have used Envision to deliver more than 250 projects.

On this journey our clients have been instrumental in shaping the solutions we have today and helping our organisation evolve. We’ve been involved in more projects than most would experience in a lifetime and developed both strong industry incites and relationships along the way.

For us, it is a moment to pause and reflect as we celebrate.

Below are some reflections from the co-founders Hugh Hofmeister and Adrian Smith.

In the late 2000’s Adrian and Hugh had already agreed to start business together and began playing with ideas and developing software after hours while holding down day jobs, often coding in the early hours of the morning. Their first efforts were a piping fabrication and quality system which modelled the connection of components of a pipe spool and estimated time to install.

With aerospace backgrounds, they both valued the 3D model and thought it would be the panacea the construction industry was looking for. They set a new BIM direction using Google Sketch-up to visualise a construction model in 3D in the cloud. This early incarnation of Envision was thwarted by industry handover practices at the time. Deliverables from design to construction were in the form of unintelligent 2D drawings and documents even though 3D intelligence was in use for design.

Through this market engagement it became clear that there was an opportunity to improve project time capture and the capture of events that had the potential to lead to project time and cost variations.

This was the foundation of Envision (engineering vision), with the first client and project joining in the middle of 2010, with the next being 18 months later.

Initially, the projects were in the Industrial sector on the Queensland Oil and Gas projects and as that market changed adoption began in the Infrastructure sector.

Many project leaders have now moved onto their 5th and 6th generation projects and are taking Envision to overseas projects. At the same time, we seeing mid-tier and smaller construction companies joining the Envision family at an increasing rate.

At this juncture, we are excited to be restructuring our organisation and investing in response to client demand and new opportunities.

Our company vision is:

“Drive project performance within the civil infrastructure and resources sectors worldwide so that humanity’s needs can be met by building infrastructure safer, faster and more sustainably”

This vision together with the same principles of transparency and client focus will guide us into the next phase.