Building a Brisbane Icon

After an extensive 8-day programme, the latest cohort of Constructionarium Australia participants has completed their Story Bridge build. At over 25m long and weighing in at 4 tonnes the development of the structure offers undergraduates and emerging industry professionals the opportunity to gain real-world experience of working on a major project under the watchful eye of industry professionals and experts.

For the last few weeks, Envision’s newest team member, Luke Titmarsh, has been part of a cohort of young engineers and emerging industry professionals working on Constructionarium Australia’s Story Bridge Build.

Involving an 8-day training course incorporating the construction of a 25m, 4-tonne steel replica of Brisbane’s iconic landmark, the programme was a great way to learn the core fundamentals of a significant infrastructure project and understand the challenges faced by teams delivering complex works.

With Envision providing software services and training to the 19 participants, it also provided Luke with the opportunity to use Envision in a live environment as a user and observing closely how our service can track site activities and provide meaningful reporting to support and enhance project delivery and performance.

So what did Luke make of his time on the project, we caught up with him to find out.

So how was your time building a Brisbane icon?

It was awesome. The whole exercise had a right amount of challenge, especially with time management without feeling overwhelming. We were operating a live site, had a budget and time frame to work towards, and that created the pressure of working to deliver a major piece of infrastructure.

Getting out and helping with the construction of an asset is a good experience for those that haven’t had that opportunity before and is always good fun, from acting as traffic control to getting on the tools, we got to do a bit of every role available on a site.

We were also given excellent opportunities to connect with both experienced professionals and people just starting in the engineering field and build networks that will be valuable for our whole careers.

What challenged you the most?

I found the tendering process fascinating, and because of the time pressure and competitive nature it was a great challenge. We were split into two groups and had three days to put together a full tender in a competitive environment. I’ve never had exposure to the tender process before, and the amount of work that went into our bid was terrific. Everything from 3d models, full construction schedule, safety procedures, costings and more all had to be in the submission. We then had to present to a tender panel of industry experts who grilled us on every aspect of the bid.

We were also provided with some great learning sessions via the programme’s guest speakers. I particularly enjoyed the digital engineering sessions, looking at how BIM and data can aid in the development and delivery of significant works.

What was your major highlight?

The moment the final bridge span was lifted into place. I think the whole group watched as the crane lifted the last piece of the Story Bridge into position and we all felt a massive sense of achievement that we had delivered what we set out to do and build our Story Bridge.

What will you take from the build back to Envision?

I think it was an excellent opportunity to see the use of Envision from the client-side and what challenges come from that. This will help me when working with our clients to ensure that Envision delivers fantastic outcomes for them. A key point of difference in the way we work with our clients is to ensure and manage the uptake of our software across the whole of an organisation and project and participating in Constructionarium Australia has given me more significant insights into the practicalities and challenges associated with a major project.

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