Envision on Android

Google’s Android platform has gained significant populatrity and as such we have developed and released an Android compatible version of our iOS (iPhone) app.

The Android application provides a mobile interface to the Envision web application for Construction Management. A present this application is not feature equivalent to the iOS (iPhone) version but can still be used to complete the majority of onsite tasks that require mobility.

Key features

  • Make daily status updates on planned construction Activities using comments and photos
  • Capture field Events that are impacting the project Activities
  • Work offline then share updates when back in network coverage

We expect to progressively enhance the Android application as growth and adoption of this platform continues to increase.


Envision Mobile on iOS 7

Our 3 iOS applications have all been upgraded to support the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system. With these version updates, a number of new features and existing issues have been fixed. The changes are summarised below:

Envision iPhone App

Intended for day-to-day updating of Activities, Events and Tasks. Enables offline working in areas of poor network coverage.

  • Improved sync with direct upload of images to minimise the risk of timeouts
  • Addition of Tasks (create, edit, update, comment)
  • Filter and sync by project, location and discipline
  • Optionally store images to photo reel for future reuse
  • Add/change owners for Activities, Events and Tasks
  • Improved colours and content layout

Envision Plus iPad App

Intended for access to the majority of web interface features. Relies on continuous network access.

  • Resolve issues uploading images
  • Improve toolbar and sign in form
  • Improve colours and styling

passport-listEnvision Passport App

Intended for capturing daily attendances by scanning QR codes for employees. Enables offline working in areas of poor network coverage.

  • Add a short (1.5 seconds) delay between scans
  • Play success/fail sounds and vibrate device when scanning codes
  • Play an alert sound when sync is complete
  • Hide flashlight icon on devices with no flash
  • Display dates on attendances screen when timestamp is not today
  • Improve colours and usability of sign in form

Envision at Tech23

Tech23 celebrates innovation through an exciting collision of great minds, great ideas, and great purpose. Tech23 is dedicated to offering entrepreneurs opportunities.

Ennova presented Envision at the 2013 Tech23 conference. We were fortunate to be recognised with awards from Amazon and Cloudstaff. The video below features Adrian Smith, Director and Head of Technology, giving our 5 minute pitch.

Commercialisation Australia

Commercialisation Australia is an initiative of the Australian Government that provides competitive, merit-based assistance to accelerate the business building process for Australian companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and inventors looking to commercialise innovative intellectual property.


Recently Commercialisation Australia announced support for Ennova by awarding a grant for continued development of Envision. This support will allow us to improve a number of features within Envision and to implement some new features including the development of a native iPad application.

Enhanced iPhone App – Version 4

One of the big challenges in construction is maintaining effective communication between the site and the office. With increasingly more construction projects being completed in remote locations, the challenge of poor network coverage is exaggerated.



iphone_logoiphone_activitiesEnnova have been working with our customers to improve the Envision iPhone App specifically in the areas of working out of network coverage. We have rebuilt the application to work in offline mode and for data to be synchronised when the device is within network or wifi coverage.

The Envision iPhone App supports updating and commenting (text, images, …) scheduled Activities and the creation, update and commenting of Events. This functionality enables field staff to ensure the progress of their work is recorded accurately and that unplanned events are properly documented.

What’s New in Version 4

  • Offline syncing
  • View Activities and Events owned by me
  • View all Activities and Events in the current week owned by anyone
  • Filter by discipline
  • Geolocation data on photos

The Envision iPhone App only works with an Envision project subscription and is available in the AppStore.

SketchUp for Construction – Video

Envision uses Google SketchUp for construction visualisation. Google SketchUp is ideal for construction visualisation because anyone can quickly create a 3D mockup of their project. Modelling effort is minimised by incorporating pre-built components from the Google 3D Warehouse, an online searchable repository of free 3D models shared by users all over the world.

We’ve developed a short video that explains just some of the benefits of SketchUp for construction. Hope you enjoy.

Envision 4D – Video

Envision redefines construction planning by providing a simple and cost effective solution for 4D modelling. A detailed 3D CAD model is not required to realise the benefits of 4D construction planning. Envision enables users with only basic 3D skills to create a 4D model using the free version of Google SketchUp, thereby significantly reducing costs and removing the dependency on accessing the engineering 3D model.

We’ve developed a short video that explains Envision 4D in Plain English. Hope you enjoy.

Envision Product Overview

Envision is a web-based construction management tool that is purpose built to improve field productivity and reduce project administration effort. Lean Construction and WorkFace Planning. These principles have guided the development of Envision in terms of technology selection, feature implementation, workflow and interface design.

Envision can be configured to suit construction projects of any size or complexity and is built on state-of-the-art open-source technology. This provides a fully hosted platform that supports a range of features specifically designed for construction projects. Additionally, Envision provides an API for integrating 3rd Party enterprise applications and neutral file exchange for COTS integration.

Envision reduces field delays and helps focus resources on critical path activities. Furthermore, Envision enables near real-time visualisation of field progress and events allowing better reporting and project control. Envision improves project profitability and delivery outcomes for Owners, EPCM and Construction Contractors.