Lean construction

Envision’s design is influenced by the principles and practices of Lean Construction. These encompass all stages of construction design and delivery. Envision’s features leverage Lean Construction including:

  • Improves workflow reliability – work is assigned only when all dependencies have been fulfilled
  • Reduces project waste – collaboration is maximised and downtime; unnecessary people movement and processing; over-processing, over-suppling or unnecessarily moving materials; and construction build errors are all minimised
  • Process transparency – integrated, whole-of-workforce processes enable clear and accurate documentation and reporting of all workflows
  • Pull-based planning – work, materials and information are pulled through processes, meaning work advances at the right time
  • Cycle time reduction – time between construction steps is minimised through efficiency
  • Synchronised systems – timing of workflow is precisely aligned, supported by single data entry


Kanban white paper

Envision provides a Kanban style planning board for work package management leveraging the principles and practices of Lean Construction.

Read the white paper here

2014 Lean Construction Conference

Ennova partnered with industry leading construction companies to present productivity findings from recent projects at the annual Lean Construction Conference.

Download the presentation ‘Information Is Power – Eliminating Waste at the Work Face’ here

Download the presentation ‘Serious Productivity Gains with Evidence-Based Results’ here