Attendance and competency

Efficient, accurate team tracking

The efficient, accurate management of large workforces impacts project productivity and profitability. Tracking workforce labour lies at the core – and the way that is delivered can be a major lever to success. 

Paper sign-on sheets offer flexibility but generate extreme volumes of manual processing, double-handling and data risks. Large, fixed electronic installations offer digitisation but at a premium with reduced flexibility and mobility. Envision uses existing hardware, paired with the Envision app, to enable supervisors to scan in their crews from anywhere in the field, or projects can create easy mobile kiosks. The result – real-time, reliable, searchable data


  • Mobilise a cost-neutral solution as Envision works out-of-the-box on mobile and tablet devices
  • Fast-track daily attendance processes to improve team productivity
  • Reduce the risk of entry errors through digital data capture
  • Improve safety and compliance by verifying competencies via daily checks
  • Streamline competency management with supervisor alerts when a competency is reaching expiry
  • Improve the accuracy of data by reconciling with timesheets to identify gaps
  • Use existing identification cards or use ones generated by Envision

Use the Envision app plus GPS capability to record attendance anywhere using unique QR codes

Verify competency directly in the field or as part of an attendance scan

Manage individual competencies (eg first aid, licences, tickets) for enhanced attendance records

Together with Envision’s timesheets/timecards solution, projects can streamline timesheet entry by pre-filling sections using attendance data, and streamline approvals and payroll by easily cross-checking timesheets with digital attendance records.