Daily diaries and reports

Standardised, consolidated field insight

Daily visibility is critical to managing task and wider project performance, and to rapidly addressing problems as they emerge to protect the critical path and project profitability.

Paper diaries create administrative burden, place a damaging gap between project leaders and project insight, and result in a ‘loss’ of data with no searchability. Envision provides a standardised solution and central source for daily records that are otherwise difficult and time-consuming to extract from paper diaries. Even compared to other electronic diary solutions, Envision’s advantage comes from fully integrated data, providing rapid access to a rolled-up view of project activities.


  • Save supervisor time with pre-filled answers for selected diary fields
  • View consistently-presented individual diaries on demand to monitor time and cost performance
  • Review collective work efficiently, monitoring progress against the program
  • Create searchable, whole-of-project records for ongoing learnings, claims and more
  • Enable real-time issues and opportunities management, rather than via weekly and monthly cycles
  • Integrate weather data from BoM or other remote weather stations

Capture daily diaries via mobile phones or tablets, including information such as safety, weather, personnel, visitors, materials, deliveries and delays

Generate tailored, semi-automated daily reports from all individual diaries, and other data sources, ready for leaders, clients and other stakeholders

Search for specific information via the filterable diary log or project timeline

Together with Envision’s events and notices solutions, projects can generate strong records to support the management of progress claims and variations.