Photo Management

Central, linked, rich photo assets

Projects traditionally gather photos from multiple sources, requiring effort to extract them for central storage.

This creates double-handling for project teams as they manually search and use images. Ultimately, this limits their value and impacts the critical role of photos as evidence for client reports, claims, subcontractor management, progress tracking on large sites and more. Envision enables a disciplined approach to project photos. Once taken, they are linked immediately to activities, events or tasks, creating traceability and searchability for the life of a project. This turns photos into readily-usable assets for reports and other key project documents.


  • Enable easy, linked photo capture and use within daily project life
  • Unlock the value of photo assets by adding notes and mark-ups
  • Support improved understanding by enabling team comments on photos
  • Generate automatic watermarks with GPS and time data for indisputable records
  • Improve searching and grouping via tags for efficient photo reuse
  • Improve reporting quality and speed with automatic photo integration
  • Search photos by location on an interactive map

Search for, and filter, photos as a gallery and as tagged posts

Rapidly capture, caption, geolocate, tag and watermark project photos

Search for, and filter, photos as a gallery and as tagged posts

Generate maps showing photo locations using GPS data

Enrich project reports by automatically including photos via Envision’s daily diaries and reports solution.