Plant and equipment tracking

Maximised availability and productivity

Plant and equipment availability and productivity are central to project performance and profitability, and yet are commonly managed via spreadsheet registers and plant managers using highly manual processes.

This creates a disconnect between costs (overhead or hire) and field use. It also reduces the ability to quickly identify under- performance or efficiency opportunities. Envision makes it easy to track plant and equipment to minimise idle or poorly utilised plant, improve use and identify savings.


  • Monitor asset locations and use to improve cycle times and optimise fleets
  • Analyse and improve asset use by comparing total available hours to active hours
  • Analyse and improve asset productivity using various metrics (eg volumes per truck movement per day)
  • Analyse time against costs using internal rates to track asset profitability
  • Improve the ability to adjust asset deployment in response to project changes
  • Create a data-driven foundation for continual improvement
  • Optimise projects costs with real-time visibility of field activity

Record GPS locations and other telematic data for display on maps

Analyse actual equipment use against recorded field movements

Capture time and usage for individual pieces of plant and equipment

Track loads and quantities with primary and secondary units of measure

Combined with Envision’s daily cost and production solution, projects can fast-track how they identify and deploy cost-efficiency strategies.